About Scribes Hut

Scribes Hut was established in May 2000 to answer a growing need in the Hill City area of the Black Hills of South Dakota – allowing customers and clients to purchase necessary business–related supplies and services locally.
Along with this main goal, Scribes Hut has filled a niche in the tourism industry as well – providing a select offering of books on local and regional subjects and interests, as well as promoting local authors, and offering a wide selection of stationery items, from journals and papers to art and calligraphy pens and supplies.
Scribes Hut also provides a variety of literature with specific audiences in mind, as well as fun and innovative literary-themed accessories -- hats, costume pieces, collectibles and the like.
Top quality, authentic, licensed literary-themed merchandise is made to the highest standards. Wands, Brooms, Character Hats, Scarves, Ties, Glasses, Goggles.
For the best magic wands this side of Diagon Alley, Scribes Hut is certainly the right place! Our shop features an enchanting collection of magic wands from a variety of different woods and in a range of unique styles, handcrafted from only the finest hardwood to provide you with the highest quality product available. Whether you prefer a broom built for leisure or an aerodynamic model; our selection of brooms provides something for everyone.